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We are a 'Full-Service' Provider
We provide a Replacement Guarantee
We ensure Time based searches
We conduct 'Strategic sourcing' or 'Head Hunting'
Dedicated Client Manager/Account Manager (Single point of Contact)




Our next halt would involve giving the right form and shape to your vision of that ideal candidate.


To develop that ideal profile we would
determine various requirements such as the skill set, the desired experience, candidate’s position in the organization structure, package and benefits offered.


Our journey together begins at this juncture involving extensive consultation with you to identify and evaluate your requirements.


Following the same would be our dedicated approach to assimilate the complete picture of the organization, its vision, work culture and its objectives and goals.




The drive does not seem tedious any more! Our rich experience in halting at the right juncture at the right time enables us to locate and pick that ideal candidate up.

Once the credentials are scrutinized
thoroughly, we establish contact with the candidates to help us identify their interests.



We strategize our sourcing in order to hunt out the best of the talent. A comprehensive study and survey of the market undertaken by our team of experts ensures the best possible match.




This stage is important to gather suggestions and recommendations from you based on the periodic online feedback that we give and get as regards various candidates.

This helps us in presenting the best of them all before scheduling interviews.



Once the initial contact is established with the interested candidates, we undertake to screen them on the basis of comprehensive tests formulated as per your requirements.


If required, more detailed tests such as psychometric tests can also be conducted to help you save precious time during evaluation.




This may be one of the most crucial halts in our journey. Enriched with knowledge of various Compensation and Benefits packages and trends in the industry, our team can assist you in formulating the right package for the chosen candidate.


You choose the candidate. Leave it us to schedule the meeting with minimum wastage of time.

Each session will be followed up by us as we generate regular feedback from you as well as the candidate to ensure a smooth drive.


Post induction, we continue to generate periodic feedback from you and the inducted candidate to ensure that a smooth integration has happened.


From the beginning of your journey, till the very end, we ensure you enjoy it!